Visa, Residence Permit, Insurance





Please contact the Consulate in your home country for your inquiries about visa procedures.


Residence Permit

The responsible governmental organisation for residence permit is the Directorate General of Migration Management.

The website of the Directorate:

For the residence permit, it is needed to make an online application on the above mentioned website within 30 days after your arrival. Then, you need to submit the required documents to the Directorate. Detailed information about the residence permit is given to the students on their arrival.

It is also advised to follow the website of the Directorate regularly in order to have the updated-information.



You should have a General/Private Health Insurance Policy that covers your period of stay in Turkey.

It is also necessary for you to get your residence permit.

About the minimum requirements for insurance please have a look at the Guide. 



Guide for Residence Permit Application and Insurance

Visual Guide for Online Residence Permit Application